PADI Specialty – Ice Diver

PADI Ice Diver Specialty fits you if you like challenge and adventure. You will confront extreme cold conditions and you need to be prepared for this experience. You’ll have the chance to explore beautiful dive sites.

Program PADI Ice Diver Specialty

You need to be at least 18 years old and to have your PADI Advanced Open Water certification to sign up for Ice Diver Specialty.
During your three dives, you will learn to use the ice diving equipment, to manage problems, safety and emergency procedures. For this specialty, it’s important to work in team, your PADI instructor will teach you communications techniques with line-tending. He will tell you more about types of ice, how to choose a site and prepare an ice dive.
Meet us at SSS Phuket, you can sign up for the PADI Ice Diver Specialty and schedule the first course with your PADI instructor.
In addition to your scuba diving equipment, you will need a dry suit. Your PADI instructor will help you to choose the appropriate equipment for ice diving. You will may use a collapsible snorkel, a pony bottle or other technical gear.
Do a freezing dive and earn your next certification like for exemple Dry Suit Diver.

Continuing Education !

The possibilities to continue PADI Ice Diver Specialty are: