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Freediving: AIDA Phuket Courses

AIDA – The International Association for Development of Apnea, is an organization of freedivers. AIDA courses are certified free-diving courses from beginner levels to advanced levels. You can discover free-diving at your own pace as a beginner or  go further in advancing your skills. At SSS Phuket, we offer you the possibility to discover a whole new underwater experience you never had before with all our AIDA Phuket courses and training

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Prices: AIDA Phuket Courses

Pricing 1 Star
All Included

Pricing 2 Stars
All Included
Pricing 3 Stars
All Included
Pricing 4 Stars
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AIDA 1 star

AIDA Courses 1 star modified

AIDA Courses

This is the very first level of AIDA Phuket Courses. You will learn the basic theory of Free diving, and how to prepare yourself for a breath hold dive. It includes breathing, duck dive, finning, buddying and safety techniques.

To successfully complete the first Star of AIDA Courses, you will have to perform an one minute fifteen seconds breathold and swim twenty-five meters underwater with fins.

The first level of AIDA last 2 days. You will descend at 8 meter deep.

AIDA 2 Star

AIDA Courses 2 stars

AIDA Courses

This challenging and rewarding course is made for those who are already confident in the open water. It builds a foundation of good techniques and safety measures in freediving. After obtaining your AIDA two stars certification you will be able to buddy with other AIDA 2 star freedivers. This course consists of two theory sessions, a pool session and three open water dives.

In order to complete this level of the AIDA Phuket Courses for freedivers, you will have to perform a two minutes breathold, swim fourty meters underwater with fins and dive until sixteen meters in the open water.

The formation last 3 days.

AIDA 3 Star

AIDA Courses 3 Stars

AIDA Phuket Courses

This course goes more detailed into the theory of Freediving Phuket. It allows you to understand the physiology and techniques behind diving deeper. You will improve your freediving performance whilst advancing your safety and rescue skills. This course consists of three theory sessions, two pool sessions and four open water dives.

To successfully complete the AIDA 3 stars freediver course you will have to perform a two minutes and fourty-five seconds breathold, swim fifty meters underwater with fins and dive until twenty-four meters in open water.

The 3 Stars AIDA last 4 days.

AIDA 4 Star

AIDA Courses

AIDA Phuket Courses

This course will introduce you to the world of advanced freediving Phuket. The latest techniques for deep freediving Phuket, conditioning of your body and planning your training sessions are the main subjects. This course will push you to the limits of your Freediving abilities in the safest possible way.

This is the highest level a recreational freediver can be rewarded with.

In order to complete this very last level, you will have to perform a three minutes and thirty seconds breathold, swim seventy meters underwater with fins and dive until thirty-two meters in open water.

Booking and Payment | AIDA Phuket


Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. SSS Phuket Staff would be happy to give you all the essential information you may need for an unforgettable free-diving experience. Visit us at our dive shop from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. Looking forward to see and hear from you soon !

5 reasons to choose SSS Phuket for Freediving

  • 1. An effective method of teaching

    Every SSS Phuket instructor is committed to adapt his or her teaching methods for each student diver. We begin with a personal approach in the pool to establish the targets and goals together.

  • 2. Competitive prices

    Explore this underwater activity while not busting your wallet with SSS Phuket. With reasonable, all-inclusive and no hidden costs, be able to enjoy this activity whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver.

  • 3. Free Diving at Racha Yai Island

    Free-dive in the most beautiful sites! Have the possibility to have your open water freedive in Racha Yai! This island is well known and appreciated by many divers!

  • 4. Combining Freediving and Stand Up Paddle

    SSS Phuket offers Stand-up Paddling (SUP) with your freediving course! Start your day with a SUP session from Kata beach all the way to Koh Pu Island and free-dive on your way back at Kata Reef!

  • 5. Support Our Coral Reef Creation project

    SSS Phuket has developed a Coral Reef Protection project. Calling all avid divers to render your support for this cause! By choosing SSS Phuket, it would be the first step to protecting the beautiful corals in Kata.