Gentle Giant Liveaboard

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Gentle Giant Liveaboard | Similan Phuket Thailand

The M/V Gentle Giant provides extraordinary diving excursions to the renowned Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon, and Koh Tachai in the north. Followed by exploration of the southern region, which includes Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, and Anemone Reef near Koh Phi Phi. This exclusive 5-night dive expedition is available only six times a year, running from November to April.

Master Cabin

THB 47,000 (7D6N 22 dives) - THB 39,500 (6D5N 18 dives)
Max. 2 people
Double Bed
En-Suite Bathroom

Deluxe Cabin

THB 44,000 (7D6N 22 dives) - THB 37,500 (6D5N 18 dives)
Max. 2 people
Double bed
En-Suite Bathroom

Standard Cabin

THB 42,000 (7D6N 22 dives) - THB 37,500 (6D5N 18 dives)
Max. 2 people
Single Bed
En-Suite Bathroom

Gentle Giant Liveaboard | MASTER CABIN | THB 47,000 (7D6N 22 dives) - THB 39,500 (6D5N 18 dives)

Every cabin offers a sea view and is equipped with one safe box for your convenience.

Master Cabin

Gentle Giant Liveaboard | DELUXE Cabin | THB 44,000 (7D6N) - THB 37,500 (6D5N)

Each cabin boasts a sea view, and you'll find one safe box provided in every cabin for your security and peace of mind.

Deluxe Cabin

Gentle Giant Liveaboard | STANDARD CABIN | THB 42,000 (7D6N) - THB 37,500 (6D5N) 

Every cabin offers a picturesque sea view, and you'll find a secure safe box provided in each cabin for your peace of mind.

Standard CABIN


Departure - Return


23 - 29 Nov 2023

7-Day 6-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

08 - 13 Dec 2023

6-Day 5-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

14 - 20 Dec 2023

7-Day 6-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

16 - 22 Jan 2024

7-Day 6-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

01 - 06 Feb 2024

6-Day 5-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

14 - 20 Feb 2024

7-Day 6-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

12 - 18 Mar 2024

7-Day 6-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

02 - 07 Apr 2024

6-Day 5-Night North & South Andaman
Limited Space Available

09 - 14 Apr 2024

7-Day 6-Night North & South Andaman

Similan Itinerary 6D5N - 18 Dives

Welcome OnboardDay 1 - 19:00

20:00 - Welcome Drinks - Cabin Allocation - Staff Introduction Boat Briefing - Welcome Dinner

4 Dives at Koh Bon - Tachai Day 2

Day 2 07:00 Morning call 08:00 Dive 1 Koh Bon 09:00 Breakfast 11:30 Dive 2 Koh Bon 13:00 Lunch 15:00 Dive 3 Tachai Pinnacle 16:00 Snack 18:45 Dive 4 Tachai Reef 20:00 Dinner

4 Dives at Koh Tachai - Richelieu RockDay 3

Day 3 06:00 Morning call 07:00 Dive 5 Richelieu Rock 08:00 Breakfast 10:30 Dive 6 Richelieu Rock 12:00 Lunch 13:30 Dive 7 Richelieu Rock 15:00 Snack 17:00 Dive 8 Tachai Pinnacle 19:00 Dinner

3 Dives at SimilanDay 4

Day 4 06:00 Morning call 07:00 Dive 9 Elephant Head Rock 08:00 Breakfast 10:30 Dive 10 West of Eden 12:00 Lunch 14:00 Dive 11 Shark Fin Reef 15:00 Cruising to South Andaman 16:00 Snack 19:00 Dinner

4 Dives at Phi PhiDay 5

Day 5 06:00 Morning call 07:00 Dive 12 Bida Nok 08:00 Breakfast 10:30 Dive 13 Karang Haeng 12:00 Lunch 14:00 Dive 14 Kled Kaew wreck 15:00 Snack 17:00 Dive 15 Hin Bida 19:00 Dinner

4 dives at Hin Muang - Koh HaaDay 6

Day 6 06:00 Morning call 07:00 Dive 16 Hin Muang 08:00 Breakfast 10:30 Dive 17 Hin Daeng 12:00 Lunch 14:00 Dive 18 Koh Haa Yai 15:00 Snack 17:00 Dive 19 Koh Haa Neua 19:00 Dinner

3 dives at King Cruiser - Shark PointDay 7

Day 7 06:00 Morning call 07:00 Dive 20 King Cruiser Wreck 08:00 Breakfast 10:00 Dive 21 Shark Point 12:00 Lunch 13:30 Debriefing & Group photo 14:00 Dive 22 Anemone Reef 15:00 Snack 17:00 Back to the pier and transfer back to hotel

map similan burma

Dive Schedule

light breakfast 06:30

Dive 107:30


Dive 211:00


Dive 314:30


Dive 417:30



> Individual air-conditioning available in every cabin model.

> Variety of delicious Thai and European meals along with tasty snacks.

> Pre-breakfast before the 1st dive > American breakfast after the 1st dive > lunch after the 2nd dive > snack after the 3rd dive > dinner after the night dive

> Free-flowing tea, fresh coffee, and drinking water.

> Cookies, fresh fruits & snacks available at all time

> Dive under the guidance of experienced Divemasters

> Pick up TO AND FROM YOUR HOTEL as well as airport transfer

To selected areas

Not Included

> National Park Entry fee

Marine Park Fee(5 days) - 1,800 THB/Diver & Non Diver = 800 THB (Thai National: Diver = 1,160 THB... Non Diver = 160 THB)

> Full Equipment rental

THB 400 per day

> Separate rental

BCD THB 250, Regulator THB 250, Fins THB 100, Mask THB 100, Wetsuit THB 200

> Additional Equipment Options

Dive Torch (THB 100 per dive) - Suunto Dive Computer (THB 300 per day) - 15L Tank (THB 2,500 per trip/15 Dives, can only rent for all dives) - Nitrox (Unlimited Nitrox package 2,500 THB per trip)

> Dive Insurance

1,100 THB per trip (Coverage 500,000 THB/pax)

> Alcoholic drinks

Price list available onboard

Gentle Giant Liveaboard | Sun Deck

Gentle Giant Liveaboard | Saloon

Gentle Giant Liveaboard | Dive Deck

Similan National Park

Gentle Giant Liveaboard | Dive Sites In details

Koh Phi Phi boasts a diverse selection of dive sites within the Phi Phi National Park, characterized by mini-walls and shallow coral gardens.

Among these sites are Hin Bida, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai, Pilay Wall, Hin Dot, and Ao Maya, each offering its own unique attractions. The underwater wildlife is abundant and varied, featuring frequent sightings of black tip reef sharks, tigertail seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, cornet fish, octopus, scorpion fish, blue fin trevally, barracudas, and a multitude of other fascinating species.

Shark Point and Anemone Reef are pinnacle formations that belong to a single reef system and are situated in close proximity to one another. Both locations are adorned with vibrant soft corals and anemones, creating a stunning backdrop for divers of all levels.

The diverse marine life includes everything from barracuda to seahorses, turtles, octopuses and the iconic leopard shark!

Koh Doc Mai, often referred to as the 'Flower Island,' is a small yet remarkable sheer rock formation located between Shark Point and Phuket. Despite its size, diving at this site can offer divers unforgettable experiences.

Exploring a cavernous space, encountering frogfish, ornate ghost pipefish, and even bamboo sharks – Koh Doc Mai consistently presents surprises that leave divers with awe-inspiring memories.

Koh Haa, a cluster of five islands located to the south of Phi Phi, stands out for its diverse diving opportunities. The main attraction of diving at Koh Haa is its remarkable variety. Explore the intricate network of caves on the largest island, Koh Ha Yai, where the entrance filters the water's light to create an emerald hue.

Delve into the vertical swim-through known as "the chimney." With its walls, gently sloping reefs, and extensive beds of soft corals, Koh Haa caters to divers of all preferences. Additionally, the lagoon nestled among the islands features shallow yet thriving reefs, making it an excellent choice for night dives.

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang - Although a mere five hundred meters apart, these two dive sites offer profoundly distinct underwater experiences. Hin Daeng, or "Red Rock," emerges just above the water's surface and derives its name from the vibrant red Dendronephthya Soft Corals that adorn its upper slopes and walls.

This rock formation consists of a sequence of walls interspersed with occasional shelves at different depths. These formations gradually descend to a sandy substrate floor, averaging around thirty-five meters in depth, and in certain areas, they plunge far beyond the limits of recreational diving depths.


Hin Muang lies entirely beneath the water's surface, resembling an underwater version of Uluru. Its shallower peaks are adorned with a dense array of anemones, accompanied by their protective guardian fish. In the valleys that stretch between these peaks, you'll encounter sizable moray eels, and occasionally, vigilant triggerfish on alert.

The rich diversity of everyday reef life thrives on both sites, encompassing minute invertebrates that cater to various species of moray eels. Schools of Red, Yellow, and White Snappers gracefully navigate the waters, while the opportunity often arises to observe bamboo sharks concealed within crevices and leisurely leopard sharks resting on sandy patches.

Whale shark and Manta rays can also be spotted so keep an eye on the blue...


Similan Island National Park.

The picturesque above-water landscape boasts stunningly beautiful white sandy beaches adorned with pockets of lush forests. Explore the underwater wonders at these dive sites: Boulder City, Sharkfin Reef, Anita's Reef, and Three Trees.

Beneath the surface, you'll encounter a diverse marine life, including leopard (zebra) sharks, blue-spotted stingrays, clown triggerfish, rabbitfish, scorpionfish, snappers, emperor fish, giant trevally, and angelfish. The coral gardens, underwater bommies, and rocky boulder formations offer captivating diving experiences.

One of the Similan Islands' standout features is Elephant Head Rock, towering above the water and featuring spectacular swim-throughs. Whitetip reef sharks, batfish, trevally, and barracuda often grace the outskirts of these imposing boulders. If you scrutinize the crevices and debris, you'll spot the vibrant mantis shrimp, porcelain crab, moray eels, and cleaner shrimp.

Additionally, some dive sites are characterized by massive granite boulders, such as Deep Six, Christmas Point, and North Point, where you can witness white-tip reef sharks, schools of giant trevally, and shoals of neon fusiliers.

Koh Bon stands out as the prime spot for encountering manta rays during our Similans itinerary. Moreover, you can expect to come across Napoleon wrasse, sweetlips, octopus, bluefin trevally, giant moray eels, great barracudas, fire dart gobies, spiny lobsters, and a rich variety of nudibranchs.

The dive sites encompass a range of underwater landscapes, including dramatic wall dives, gradual sloping reefs, submerged boulders, and vibrant coral gardens.

Diving along the West Ridge offers an exhilarating drift experience, affording breathtaking views of the underwater world, while the North Reef provides a more leisurely encounter as you explore a pristine hard coral garden.

Koh Tachai dive map

Koh Tachai is renowned for its iconic pinnacle dive site, often referred to as Twin Peaks, and offers a more tranquil reef diving experience at the North Reef and South Reef. Common sightings include turtles, barracuda, pipefish, and a colorful array of nudibranchs.

Moreover, there's an exciting opportunity to encounter larger species in this region, such as manta rays and whale sharks, particularly between late January and April.

Richelieu rock Dive Map

Richelieu Rock, this limestone pinnacle derives its name from Andreas Richelieu, a former Danish Naval Officer who held the distinction of becoming the only foreign-born commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Navy, appointed by King Chulalongkorn. Due to his profound influence and importance, the rocky outcrop was eventually named in his honor.

At low tide, this horseshoe-shaped formation only slightly breaks the surface, sloping sharply down to a sandy bottom at depths ranging from 18 to 35 meters (60-120 feet). Despite its relatively small and isolated size, this site boasts remarkable diversity.

The marine life here is exceptionally rich and includes a plethora of fascinating creatures, such as pharaoh cuttlefish, large octopuses, all five varieties of anemone fish found in the Andaman Sea, various species of moray eels, ornate ghost pipefish, smashing mantis shrimps, harlequin shrimps, tigertail seahorses, Spanish mackerel, frogfish, numerous schooling snappers, and the occasional thrilling sightings of manta rays and whale sharks.