Kata Beach Diving | 3 Options Half Day

Scuba Diving kata beach

SCuba Diving Kata Beach

brings out the best of Kata Beach where you would be able to experience the rich diversity that can be found in this area.

Located a few kilometers from the famous Patong Beach, Kata has nothing to envy it.

Diving in Thailand is recommended for those who love big fish and underwater environments. The beach of Kata is often considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket which offers opportunities for beach diving without the hassle of travelling too far out from Phuket itself. Discover the flora and fauna at Kata Beach , one the most wonderful places in Phuket with our packages available for everyone.

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Scuba Diving Kata Beach Options

Fun Diving


  • 2 Dives in Kata Reef
  • Diving Equipment Provided
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Day Trip Itinerary

Certified Divers 

Discover Scuba Diving


  • 2 Dives in Kata Reef
  • Diving Equipment Provided
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Night Diving


  • 2 Dives Night in Kata Reef
  • Diving Equipement Provided
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Day Trip Itinerary

Certified Divers

Included In Each Option | Scuba Diving Kata Beach


  • Diving Equipement



  • 2 Dives to a maximum of 12m
  • Transfert from SSS Phuket to Kata Beach
  • Diving insurance

    Kata Beach scuba


  • Private Guide

    Scuba Diving Kata


  • Night Light (Applicable for night Dives)


  • Scuba Diving Kata Beach

Fun Diving

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Night Diving

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Days Trip Itinerary | Scuba Diving Kata Beach

Details of the activity 

  • Meet your SCUBA DIVINGInstructor at the shop of SSS Phuket Kata Beach
  • Briefing at the beach
  • First Dive Areaat Kata Beach reef 30m from the beach
  • Briefing at the surface
  • Second Diveat Kata reef
  • Back to SSS Phuket for a drink and debrief with the team

Available between  8 AM and 5 PM

Beach | Island

phuket scuba diving kata-beach

Perfect for practicing the scuba diving, Kata Beach is an exceptional place to stay .

Although its location is ideal for many water activities, Kata Beach is one of the few unspoiled beaches in the south of Phuket Island.

The beauty of  its white sand and its fantastic view make it even more graceful and beautiful than it is by its nature.
But the benefits of this beach are far from being only due to the clarity of its water.

Many local restaurants line the sea, making it a favorite destination for lovers of tranquility and Thai food. Its nearby jungle allows for a natural atmosphere, both in the water and on land.

Kata Beach is perfect for families

Why SSS Phuket ? Why Kata ?

  • Diversified Marine Life

    The different forms of coral illuminate the seabed by their colors, a wide variety of marine species can be seen (turtles, sharks, moray etc …)

  • Dive Site Depth - 12 Meter Maximum Depth

    The two dive sites can reach several meters deep for the happiness of all.

  • Difficulty

    Easy, for everyone who is at least 10 years old

Scuba Diving Kata Beach Program

Scuba Diving Kata Beach Porcupine Fish

Scuba Diving Kata Beach

Learning the proper techniques to scuba diving and learn to breathe underwater for the first time. During your diving session, you would have 2 dives at local dive sites under the supervision of one of SSS Phuket Instructor. Most importantly, indulge in the beauty of the aquatic world, discover a whole new world and let it blow you away.

Although the average dive on the edge of Kata Beach is around 12 meters deep, visibility can reach up to 20 meters!

But the real advantage that Kata Beach offers you is nothing more than its incredible live fish!

Manta Ray, Leopard, Blue-spotted Stingray, Common Stingray, White-tipped Sharks, Clawfish, Napoleon Fish, Long-snouted Warbler, Java Rabbit Fish, Great Idol Moorish Chessboard and many others may specimens to be seen!

Continuing Education

Box Scuba Diving
The possibilities for the continuation of Scuba Diving in Kata course are :
Scuba Diving Kata Beach
  • Get your Open Water Phuket first level today ! The Open Water Diver certification is the ticket for a lifetime of leisure diving adventures. The Open Water Diver License is very popular in the world today.
  • SSS Phuket offers you the possibility to enjoy scuba diving in Phuket for pleasure or to attain the various levels. We also organize day trips and liveaboard.
  • Scuba diving Kata Beach

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