Kata Beach Diving | 3 Options Half Day

Scuba Diving Kata Beach is the fastest way to dive in Phuket. The reef is situated right next to the beach.
Beginners to experienced divers, everyone will be amazed by Kata reef biodiversity.
✔️ 1 dive to 12 meters max depth (1  hour dive)
✔️ For Everyone (No need to be a skilled swimmer, minimum 10 years old)
✔️ Low Price with equipment included

> Scuba Diving Kata Beach Options

Fun Diving


  • Dive with one of our pro/friendly Instructor
  • Diving Equipment
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Certified Divers

Discover Scuba Diving


  • Dive with one of our pro/friendly Instructor
  • Diving Equipment
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Night Diving


  • Dive with one of our pro/friendly Instructor
  • Diving Equipement
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Certified Divers

> Included In Each Option | Scuba Diving Kata Beach


  • Diving Equipment


  • 1 hour dive to a maximum of 12m

  • Transfer from SSS Phuket to Kata Beach
  • Diving insurance

    Kata Beach scuba


  • Private Guide

    Scuba Diving Kata


  • Night Light (Applicable for night Dives)


  • Scuba Diving Kata Beach

Fun Diving


Night Diving

> Booking | Scuba Diving Kata Beach


kata diving

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Kata Beach Diving

> Days Trip Itinerary | Scuba Diving Kata Beach

  • Meet us at SSS Phuket Dive Center or let us know if you need pick up at Kata/Karon beach
  • Briefing/equipment set up
  • Dive at Kata Reef
  • Back to SSS Phuket for a drink and debrief with the team

Available between  8 AM and 5 PM

> Kata Beach | Koh Phu

Perfect for family and group of friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧, Kata Beach is an exceptional place to stay in Phuket.

Although its location is ideal for many water activities 💦, Kata Beach is one of the few unspoiled beaches in the south of Phuket Island.

The beauty of  its white sand and its fantastic view 🔭 makes it even more graceful and beautiful than it is by its nature.
Kata Beach hosts the biggest reef in Phuket starting from the beach to ends at Koh Phu 🦀 (crab island).

The reef itself is pretty shallow (2 to 12 meters) makes it ideal for snorkeling and “relaxing” diving. Kata Reef is dense and you will meet a lot of marine life 🐠 such as giant puffer fish 🐡, barracudas, scorpion fish to name but a few.

There are two resident turtles 🐢 that can be seen. Even if the reef is very near the beach, you will see an incredible variety of fauna and flora. Macro lovers 🔬 will be delighted as nudibranches are a common sight.

Night diving 🌃 is great at Kata Reef where you will have a good chance to see big lobsters 🦞 and red crabs 🦀 as well as cuttlefish 🦑 and octopuses 🐙.

Last but not least, many local restaurants line the sea, making it a favorite destination for lovers of tranquility and Thai food 🌶️🍽️. Its nearby jungle allows for a natural atmosphere, both in the water and on land.

After your night dive, nothing beats a cocktail 🍹 at the local reggae Kata beach bar!

> Why SSS Phuket ? Why Kata ?

  • Diversified Marine Life

    The different forms of coral illuminate the seabed by their colors, a wide variety of marine species can be seen (turtles, moray etc …)

  • Dive Site Depth - 12 Meter Maximum Depth

    The dive site provides a gentle access with a depth varying from 2 to 12 meters

  • Difficulty

    Easy, for everyone who is at least 10 years old

> Scuba Diving Kata Beach Program

> Continuing Education

The possibilities for continuing education after discover scuba diving are :
Scuba Diving Kata Beach

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