Phuket Surfing Lesson | Catch Your First Wave On Your First Lesson!

Have a first-hand experience of riding a wave with one of our professional Surf instructors at Kata Beach. You will stand-up on your very first Phuket surfing lesson!

Each lesson last 1h30 min:

1st Lesson : THB 1,500

2nd Lesson: THB 1,200

Each additionnal Lessons: THB 1,000

You can also choose 1 of the following packages to suits you the most.

Price | Booking | Phuket Surfing Lesson

One Day 1H30

฿1 500

per person

  • Complete equipment rental
  • Surf English Speaking Instructor

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One Day 3H00

฿2 700

per person for 1 lesson (3h) or 2 lessons (2*1h30)

  • Complete equipment rental
  • Surf English Speaking Instructor

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Two Days 3H00

฿2 700

per person for 1 lesson (1h30) per day

  • Complete equipment rental
  • Surf English speaking Instructor

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Two Days 6H00

฿4 500

per person for 4 lessons (1h30) or 2 lessons (3h)

  • Complete equipment rental
  • Surf English Speaking Instructor

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One Week 11H00


per person for 7 lessons (1h30)

  • Complete equipment rental
  • Surf English Speaking Instructor

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1 Week 22H00

฿14 900

per person for 14 lessons or 7 lessons (3h)

  • Complete equipment rental
  • Surf English Speaking Instructor

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surfing phuket lesson

Looking for a place to stay during your SSS Phuket surfing course? We offer convenient and comfortable private rooms for rent right next to our surf shop at Kata Beach.

We have two room types available (subject to availability):

  • Sea View: ฿1,000 per night.
  • Street View: ฿900 per night.

Please note: room availability may change. Be sure to contact SSS Phuket to confirm rates and availability before booking your stay.

Booking | Phuket Surfing Lesson


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Phuket Surfing Lesson

phuket surf

At SSS Phuket, age is not a limit for us. If you want to learn, we are willing to teach you the basic techniques of surfing thanks to our surfing lessons Phuket. Be ready to pop up on your surfboard on your first lesson in which after you would be able to rent a surfboard and enjoy the waves on your own !

Kata Beach spot is the place where majority of surf classes in Phuket take place because, as a sand beach,waves are accessible to beginners, and will fit to the most experienced surfers. For your first surf classes in Phuket, there is no such thing as a friendly atmosphere and a paradisiac context !

We provide surfboards according to your needs and measurements. Rash guards are optional as the temperature of the water is around 29 degrees all year long.

Beginners would learn how to take waves and stand up on the board during their first surfing lesson in Phuket while the more advanced students can improve on their technique. Our surf instructors come from all over the world such as France, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland and of course Thailand. You do not have to worry about any language barriers. The instructors in SSS Phuket are very experienced, qualified, CPR and First Aid Certified. They are all equipped with knowledge about the ocean, current and wave dynamics.

Thanks to surfing lesson Phuket, come to learn surfing in paradisiac places !

If you want to enjoy surfing lessons Phuket with our instructor, do not hesitate to contact us before. We will be able to give you information about the weather. You can also consult surfing forcast here. In fact, we have to make sure that the suitable conditions will be present the day of your surfing lessons. Your lesson have to be set up when there are high tidal coefficients, which allow waves. We also welcome you directly in our shop.

Once your surfing lessons scheduled, we will met each other at the SSS Phuket’ shop. You will be asked to organize by yourself your mean of transportation to reach this place. On the other hand, we will be in charge of taking your surfboard to Kata Beach. Then, you will be in our instructor’s hands. During your surfing lessons Phuket, the instructor will assure the success of your lesson, according to your own capabilities. The instructor will teach you the basis of the discipline. You will be able to stand on your board since the first lesson.

Phuket Surfing Lesson | Learning Process

Before going into water, our instructor will proceed to a briefing to explain you the basis of the surf. You will then determine which foot will support the most your balance once on your board (right or left – we speak about goofy or regular surfer). After that, you will try to stand on the board on the beach.

The aim will be to make you feel confident with your board. You will be able to picture the size of your board and find balance before practicing into the sea. Once in the water, the instructor will help you finding your balance on the board. All along you lesson, the instructor will explain you how to position yourself on the board. He will push you into waves so that you will be able to enjoy soon your first waves. After your first lesson, you will yet be able to enjoy your first waves by yourself.

At the end of your course, nothing could be more simple as we deal with the surfboard. You just have to relax yourself and enjoy the Andaman Sea’s delights!

If you are interested in developing even more you abilities in surf, you can also join our SurfCamp to practice surfing for 3/5 or 10 days.

> For surfing and SUP courses:

SSS Phuket is responsible for the equipment used during the training. If the equipment is broken during the lesson, SSS Phuket will assume any repair work.

If the student injure himself during the lesson, SSS Phuket and coaches will not be responsible, the student must use his own insurance to cover medical fees.

Why Us ? / Why Phuket ?

  • SSS Phuket "Know-How"

    The owner is a Master Scuba Diver Instructor with 5,000+ dives and understand divers needs. You will be with one of our experienced and friendly SSS Phuket dive instructors.s, shipwrecks, marine life observation (turtles)

  • No Big Group

    You will be with 1 or 2 more students with the coach and if possible we will manage the private tuition

  • Stand up on your first lesson

    You will be able to stand up during your first lesson. Our teaching technique has proven its efficiency!

  • Instructors speaks several languages

    No language barrier during your Phuket surfing lesson!