plastic pollution

Plastic Pollution, we can reduce it

20 years after the discover of the plastic continent, plactic pollution remains one of the most important issue for the next generation. Reports show that, in 2050 there will be more plactic waste than fish in the ocean. However, in recent years under the pressure of the NGOs, political government ย have begun to fight this issue and itโ€™s beacame a societal issue for many countries. Indeed this pollution can have adverse effects on the land and in rivers, affecting wildlife, habitat and secondarily by feed back humans.

Plastic pollution

Shopping bag prevent against plastic pollution

An Ecological Disaster

Since the beginning of the 50โ€™s, plastic is everywhere in our lifes. Today only 20% of global plastic is recycled. According to the director of Surf Rider, each year 100,000 marines mammals died due to the plastic pollution. The consequences of this, is the creation of pollution area in the ocean. But this pollution doesnโ€™t only affect the marine life but the earth life as well. Despite the lack of studies on the subject, sanitaries agencies advice to take precautions. Indeed, plastic found in the ocean is made with toxical products, and we donโ€™t know yet the effects that could have on the health.

How to act ?

Specialist agree to say that the major issue about the plastic pollution are the microballs of plastic. There are small plastic beads found in personal care products. These microballs are swallow by fish and ends up to clog their digestive system. NGOโ€™s have asked fo their prohibition. But some states in United-States such as New-York and California have already banned them. It constitutes perhaps the beginning of an answer. A collective awarness will also help to stop this scourge. We absolutely must use less disposable products such as plastics bags, cans โ€ฆ Itโ€™s also to the authorities to implement these change through measures encouraging recycling, or use eco friendly products.


Itโ€™s obvious that the plastic pollution issue is a global societal challenges. Only a collective awarness and effectives actions would allow to curb this problem.
SSS Phuket advise our customers to play a part in cleaning up by picking and putting one or two plastic objects in their pockets and dispose it in the right way when they find something.
It our duty to all to take responsibility for the good of our planet, and for the next generation.

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