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SSS Phuket have decided to create the Coral Reef Creation Project in Thailand to fight against the threats (pollution, boats, human activity, global warming, fishing…) that are causing the deterioration of the underwater environment, which is a problem for the generation to come.

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The issue is to found a solution that will improve the fauna and flora in Kata, and guarantee the health and the development of reef’s environment in a long run.


Kata’s reef still healthy, but with the expansion of the population and the indifference of this one pollution has become an important issue.



Through years, we observed the degradation of our ocean, that why we decided to create a project. It will expand the corail reef off the coast of Kata, where we are used to dive, freedive and snorkel. 

We have been inspired by the projects made by “Reefscapers”, which is located in the Maldives since 2005 and have the most advanced program with long term monitoring.

Our job is to create the essential habitat for the development of a full-fledged coral reef ecosystem who is even possible on a sandy sea-bed, thanks to an artificial steel structure.

We wanted to create a way that will allow divers to have an impact, like a sponsorship, in our project. They will be able to explore, participate and see the evolution of structures

sss phuket coral reef creator


sss phuket coral reef creator

We first did some research on restoration and underwater tests. That is the process of the first solution we have find to develop the coral reef.

The project have begun with the creation of a steel structure which will allow a good development of live rocks which are made for a quick development of the food chain. The shape of the structure is designed to have a natural look.

After the creation and the installation of the structure underwater, the point is to put live rocks in and transplant coral pieces meticulously selected on the structure. Steel and corals will eventually become one. The coral fragments that we have chosen where broken and lying on the reef slopes.

To attract marine wildlife, we made sure that a food chain will develop itself on the artificial reef. Coral cuttings have been transplanted on the structure and live rocks, which implementation will takes around 2 weeks.

We have observed the artificial reef once a week for (8) months long. Within 6 months, a fully-fledged marine ecosystem is created. The food chain is complete, the reef healthy and shelters provided.

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As a scuba diving center, we have provided and we can provide in the future the entire workforce necessary for the project. It allows us to take care of all settling and monitoring tasks.

“We have to prove to the disinherited majority of the world that ecology and conservation will not work against their interest but will bring an improvement in their lives”Indira Gandhi

Let’s gave back Phuket and Thailand some of his old time shinning resources.


Once structures are set and well positioned, we will let the environment do the rest. The nearby reef will colonised our structures and all we will have to do is to monitor them.

Most of the monitoring will occur for the 1st two months where structures and live rocks will still be weak.

Once they reach a certain size, they will be strong enough to grow up on their own.

coral reef creation
coral reef creation
coral reef creation
coral reef creation


sss phuket coral reef creator structure
sss phuket coral reef creator healthy reef
reef kata

After 3 years of monitoring and observation of the steel struture.