Stand-Up Paddle Lessons, Stand-Up Paddle Location Phuket, Thailand

Stand up paddle lesson in Phuket can be practised in different ways and environments which promise fun and extraordinary discoveries ! You can also hire stand up paddle board at SSS Phuket!

You can use the stand up paddle board for :

  • Surf
  • Discover body of water, expect by Kayak
  • To race
  • Play sport
  • To go down rivers
  • To do windsurfing

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Program summary

For who
3 Hours
2 sessions of 1h30 per day, or 1 session of 1h30 each day
6 Hours
2 sessions of 1h30 per day
11 Hours
1 sessions of 1h30 per day and 1 sessions of 2h on the last day
22 Hours
2 sessions of 1h30 per day and 2 sessions of 2h on the last day

Your Stand Up Paddle lessons

If you want to enjoy Stand Up Paddle lessons with our instructor, do not hesitate to contact us before. We will be able to give you information about the weather. In fact, we have to make sure that the suitable conditions will be present the day of your lesson of stand up paddle. Currents do not have to be too strong. We also welcome you directly in our shop.

Once your Stand Up Paddle lessons scheduled, we will met each other at the SSS Phuket’ shop. You will be asked to organize by yourself your mean of transportation to reach this place. On the other hand, we will be in charge of taking your board to Kata Beach. Then, you will be in our instructor’s hands. During your Stand Up Paddle lessons, the instructor will assure the success of your course, according to your own capabilities. The instructor will teach you the basis of the discipline.

Our one hour and half Stand Up Paddle course will give you the basis of the discipline. Our instructor will teach you how to stand on your SUP during a 15 minutes briefing on the beach, before actually going into water. You will soon feel at ease with your board. You will then be able to visit the Kata Beach bay and its wonderful landscape. If currents allow it, you might have a chance to bypass the Koh Pu island, symbolic attraction of Kata Beach.

At the end of your course, nothing could be more simple as we deal with the board. You just have to relax yourself and enjoy the Andaman Sea’s delights!

To take a lesson of stand up paddle in Phuket :

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    It's easy

    Select the board and paddle that suits you. Your SSS Phuket instructor will ground you in stand up paddling. You might enjoy stand-up paddle sooner than you think. After stand up paddle lessons Phuket, you will be able to rent a SUP.

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    It’s Fun

    Up on the board with the paddle in hand, sliding along clear water, you might be thrilled by what you see ! Above the reef of Kata beach, you will be able to spot various fish and corals.

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    It's Fitness

    As good as a cardio workout, the stand-up paddle is an activity to help you getting your body in shape focussing on behind and shoulder muscles. In addition, you can control your pace yourself while paddling. It will improve your stamina and your own balance.

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    It’s Convivial

    An activity you can do alone or with your friends and family. It’s like good moments shared during a workout ! It is also possible to rent a SUP with your friends to discover Phuket Island.

After having taken stand up paddle lessons Phuket of, SSS Phuket offers stand-up paddle lessons. It is easy and very convenient to discover this island.

stand up paddle lesson phuket with sss phuket
stand up paddle lesson phuket island



History of Stand up paddle

Stand up Paddle, also known as SUP originates from Hawaii in the early 60s’. Ku Hoe He’e Nalu means to stand and paddle. This sport was created by the “Beach Boys” while providing surfing lessons in Waikiki Beach,O’ahu (Hawaii).

lesson of stand up paddle at kataIt disappeared from the scene for a moment and reappeared around the year 2000. Famous surfers such as Laird Hamilton and his friend Dave Kalama brought the trend back. They started to paddle when there were no waves for surfing. They were able to see approaching swells because of the higher viewpoint. Today, SUP is gaining popularity as an alternative to surfing.

Advantages of the stand-up paddle :
Stand up Paddle is a derived of surfing. It is a sport suitable for many people. SUP does not require waves. That is why it can be done in a open ocean and inland waters. When there is no waves for surfing, SUP is a great alternative to move and keep fit.

If you take stand up paddle lesson Phuket  with our company, you will have an education of good quality for this activity. You will see the reef of Kata Beach, if we have good visibility. But you have a good time with our instructors.

It will be a good experience, in a paradise, Phuket Island.

Even you have a “sea of oil”, you find the pleasure to practice this sport, which is physical. You will like the stand up paddle lessons SSS Phuket can assure you !

The different boards

The stand-up paddle can be use in different activities, different board exist for to answer to need :

Board « Short » SUP are to intended at the practice of surf.

Board « Cruiser », winch more tall, allows to move around on the still water.

Board « racing » are like Kayaking, for to obtain a good resistance, and high performance speed.

Board « whitewater » are to intended to go down rapids, and to go to in shallow waters. These boards have more volume than the touring boards ensuring more stability.

Inflatable boards to permit to easily transport, you would be able to bring it anywhere with you. A practice of stand up paddle more secure

stand up paddle lesson phuket with an other cruiser board
stand up paddle lessons Phuket with a whitewater board
stand up paddle lesson Phuket
stand up paddle lesson Phuket