optimize colors and contrasts

GoPro, Optimize colors and contrast

Find here some advice to well know how to use GoPro knowing optimize colors and contrast during your diving and thus to have unforgettable memories.

optimize colors and contrast

Example from a film with a GoPro during a diving.


To do scuba diving is good but when we can keep a memory it is better.

So here is some advice to know how to use a GoPro regarding video recording during your diving knowing optimize colors and contrast.
We choose the camera HD GoPro because it is the best brand on the market and it offers an impressive qualitรฉ underwater.

Advice in dive: optimize colors and contrast

โ€ขThe maintenance of the camera

The most important is the way which you will hold your camera underwater. Actually, it is not always easy to handle it in view of its form of small cube. However, many accessories have emerged. We mainly find the perch, often telescopic, it offers the advantage to film with less shocks and movements. Furthermore, it allows to make “selfies”. Available for all budgets, the perch has many advantages to film.

โ€ขA blind movie

The last GoPro cameras include screens what is not the case of all the GoPro. However, the screen is rather small, it is thus difficult to look at what we film and to take advantage of the flora and fauna at the same time. It is necessary from certain point of view to film “blindly” before being able to view videos on a computer or television. The centring during the recording is then random but the wide angle which gets this camera often allows us to crop the video if necessary. This accessory is certainly practical but by no means essential.

โ€ขThe filter

This last accessory is essential for the dive to more than 5 meters deep. Indeed, crossed this depth, the red beams of the sun have difficulty in crossing the water to light the bottom. The video depiction will mainly be blue and green, without any warm colors. It is here that intervenes the red filter.
There are filters for all prices going from 10โ‚ฌ to 120โ‚ฌ. It settles directly on the objective and can be removed or add under the water.

โ€ขMode Protune

The mode Protune remains the best way to obtain real colors and contrast. For that purpose, we must to put the GoPro in mode Protune after edition (equivalent of the mode ROW for Cannon Cameras), what allows to get back all the colors and contrasts natural in post-production. For us, this mode is the best solution.

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